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  Nanyang explosion-proof electric co., LTD., Ann is a professional engaged in research and development of explosion-proof electrical、Manufacturing、Sales and engineering installation of large-scale joint-stock enterprises,Located in the national explosion-proof electrical technology research and production test and the base、Historical and cultural city——Nanyang in henan province。
  Companies rely on nanyang explosion-proof electrical technology、Scientific research advantage,Explosion-proof、Machinery、Electrical and electronics、Computer aspects of senior personnel,Pour to build domestic industry well-known brands。With first-class products and technologies,For customers to provide quality products and services,Praised by users,Become numerous well-known domestic enterprises access suppliers and partners。
  In strict accordance with the companyGB3836—2010《Electrical equipment for explosive gas environment》Standard,With strong technical force、Sophisticated processing equipment and complete testing instruments、Perfect quality assurance system,Research and development design production of explosion-proof electrical control cabinet(Box)、Explosion-proof hvac、Explosion-proof heater、Explosion-proof lamps and lanterns、Oil drilling equipment supporting system, etc. Series of products,At the same time to undertake all kinds of explosion-proof electrical equipment and complete sets of system design and development of the installation。Products are widely used in petroleum、Chemical industry、Petrochemical industry、Coal、Military industry、Electric power、Ships and other industries,Sell well in domestic26Provinces and regions。

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The installation of explosion-proof electrical equipment related knowledge

The installation of explosion-proof electrical equipment: 1、Explosion-proof electrical equipment should be installed in the wet dry place,And do a good job under the mat,Do not allow the skew。 2、When wiring installation should do the following several requirements① Into the nozzle connection to tighten,Good sealing。 ② Seal volume diameter should be less than the cable diameter0.3Mm,Device inside diameter should be less than the line1Mm,The width is not less than the cable diameter0.7Times,The thickness of not less than the cable diameter0.3Times,Between cable and seal volume is allowed to bind other items。 ③ Cable sleeves length shall not be greater than the depth to the wall5-15Mm,Such as coarse cable wear don't go in,In the depth to the wall part down。 ④ Line nozzle pressure matter have allowance,

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  • The development trend of petrochemical system with explosion-proof motor

    Petrochemical system with explosion-proof motor(1) Increased safety and no spark machine demand will rise。Petrochemical system users in the use of practice;Has realized the development of our country the necessity of increasing safety and no spark motor。(2) The reliability of the explosion-proof electric motor have been petrochemical system user attention increasingly。Petrochemical enterprise development increasingly equipments、Continuous operation,Request system running long period、Maintenance free or less maintenance。So,Explosion-proof motor becomes the key equipment to ensure the above requirements。(3) Explosion-proof and efficient frequency conversion motor has become a petrochemical user pressing for the development of energy-saving products。There are two aspects to explosion-proof motor energy conservation work:One is developing efficient explosion-proof electrical products,The second is to develop various kinds of explosion-proof motor speed control special products,In particular will have great energy saving

  • The development trend of mining explosion-proof motor

    Mine explosion-proof motor(1) Development of high power motors:Coal winning machine in the world's biggest installed capacity is already over1200kw,The drive motor power600kW;That meet the needs of the largest installed capacity of mining coal face scraper conveyor is already over1500kW,The drive motor power has reached725kW。The domestic coal winning machine is the most high power drive motor400kW,Scraper conveyor is the most high power drive motor315kW。(2) Development3.3kV、6kVAnd10kVVoltage level of mining machine:This is because the popularity after the comprehensive mechanized coal mining area to lengthen,Lead to the increase of the voltage drop,At the same time, the use of high-power motor for higher voltage class。(3) Developing mining double speed motor:In order to adapt to the coal mine belt conveyor starting and low speed


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